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To set up your Ledger device, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Go to on your web browser to begin the setup process.
  2. Choose Your Device: Select your Ledger device model from the options provided. Make sure you have your device ready.
  3. Download Ledger Live: If you haven't already, download Ledger Live, the companion app for managing your Ledger device. You can find it on or in your device's app store.
  4. Install and Open Ledger Live: Follow the on-screen instructions to install Ledger Live on your computer or smartphone. Once installed, open the app.
  5. Connect Your Ledger Device: Use the USB cable to connect your Ledger device to your computer or smartphone. Follow any prompts on the device screen.
  6. Initialize Your Device: If it's a new device, you'll need to initialize it. This involves setting a PIN code and writing down your recovery phrase. Follow the instructions carefully and store your recovery phrase securely.
  7. Update Firmware (if necessary): Ledger devices often require firmware updates for security and functionality improvements. Ledger Live will prompt you if an update is needed.
  8. Manage Your Accounts: Once your device is set up and connected, you can start adding accounts and managing your cryptocurrencies using Ledger Live.
  9. Secure Your Device: Always keep your Ledger device and recovery phrase safe. Avoid sharing your recovery phrase or entering it on any website or app other than Ledger Live.

Following these steps will ensure your Ledger device is set up securely and ready for use.